Questions to Answer

What does being a filmmaker mean?

Why do you want to be a filmmaker?

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?

  • Reading books inspired be to become a filmmaker. When I was a kid I would read a lot and I would see what I was reading in my head like a movie or a storyboard. I didn’t know what storyboarding was at a time, but now I know. I thought I could do really cool shots with awesome lighting and composition. I thought if I could make this book/story into a movie, it’d be great because it would havevisual feeling emotion and story

What do you like most about filmmaking?


What makes a great film?

  • everything that lives up to my standard

What do you want to explore with filmmaking?

  • I guess I want to explore myself. I want to know if I can do it. If I can translate myself into a medium. I want to know if I have the dedication to pull this off. I want to know if I can be so self motivated to come up with a film that is up my own standard. I want to know where my standard is. I don’t want my standard to be someone else’s standard. I want to see if I have enough will power to live up to my own expectations. I want to know if I have enough confidence to have enough self-confidence in my own ability. I want to know where my own abilities lie.
  • I guess with this film will be about getting to know myself. I want to get to myself as an artist.

What kind of filmmaker do you see yourself as?

How would you define your standard?

  • My standard is a film that is 1) visually appealing, 2) has some sort of emotion or motivation behind it 3) is interesting [shots] 4) is from a point of view that is clearly my own. 5) good colour composition 6) good lighting 7) good compositing 8) nice shapes 9) good composition

What do you want to create?

  • I just want to enjoy the process of creation. I want it to be play time. I want to experiment. I want to mess up, but then be able to roll with it and to recover gracefully.

Why do you want to create these things?

  • I want to be someone who makes films for fun. I want to share and create things that I see from my own perspective. People are always looking for ways to connect with other people. I feel like it’s an artist’s/filmmmaker’s job to connect with those people through letting them into their world through their own vision. (what I hate about sheridan is that it feels too much like a box or a mold that I’m being forced to fit into. Not even that, I’m being gently persuaded to fit into. Sure this mold works for some people, but I feel like it doesn’t work too well for me.)

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