Film at Sheridan


So I’ve been thinking a lot about film ideas lately. 

I was talking about it with Tom, and I was thinking there’s definitely something missing from sheridan. It might just be the old school versus the new school ideas.

At sheridan we’re kind of told what makes a good story and what doesn’t. We’re told how to make a story, and I feel like a lot of students just follow these rules about story making. Positive reinforcement is used when a student does do this. What’s missing is I feel like is analysis. There are tons of “bad” ideas, but what makes them bad, and why can’t they be good? I feel like Sheridan judges ideas before there is even a chance at these ideas. Then again, that might just be me. That might just be, “oh, if you really thought it was a good idea, you should of stood up for it”. 

Sure this is one way of going about how to make a film, but there are better ways of fostering ideas from students to make films. At sheridan there is no “creative process” course. There is no analysis or discussion or dialogue about what makes a good idea for a film. Especially an animated film. The teachers all have their opinions. I’ve never really heard anything from students on what makes a great film.

Given this, I want to go on my own journey, kind of figure out my own kind of process, find some sort of structure or some kind of method of inspiration, what motivates me… how did i get here. I want to answer all these questions about what drove me to take this course in the first place. Why become a film maker? why make films? why animated films? 

There’s a huge chunk of animation that I’m missing. Maybe its because this is an “applied” arts degree and not necessarily a university degree…. but i mean, if you want to make your work stand out you need to think about it to some degree… i don’t know i just feel like I’m not ready…. but I’m getting closer. 


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