Hello Journal

Ok so I’ve been really excited all day. Well most of the day.

Work was shitty. Derek was being a little bratty as usual. Some times I wonder if his mom has ever called him a brat? We almost got in a fight today. Admittedly, it felt good to be provoked like that again. 

My roommate always talks about wanting to get into a fist fight again. It seems like he’s waiting for the right kind of justification to get into one. I understand it, to some extent, that fights just make you feel alive. It seems as though his life is in this lull of apathy at the moment and that’s why he wants to fight. 

It goes the same for girls I guess. My arena though is words, I guess. I’ll fight you verbally. I’ll get to your very nature, point out everything ugly about you, all of your insecurities and break you from the inside. That’s the kind of fight I like doing. Either that or mmorpg pvp fighting. Anyway. It was interesting.

Anyway I had an awesome thought while I was washing the dishes that I wanted to write about.  I had forgotten it though. Oh well. 

Packing for Europe trip now. Hoping to get everything packed into one backpack. Should be manageable. That way I’m not carrying around luggage everywhere I go. I want to start to minimize my lifestyle as much as possible without losing any of the quality. Anyway. I’ve been reading and writing lots and its all really inspiring!!!! Hoping it’ll translate into my drawing as well! I’m so excited to get drawing again! So that’s what I’m gonna do I think. 


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