Cold Summer Day

Work was fun today. My online course on Life Writing is turning out to be more interesting than I expected, perhaps it even prompted this whole diary/journal thing online. I’ve even started one of the book ahead of time, Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid by Evelyn Lau. It’s pretty gripping so far, but there’s only so much I can read of it at one time because it’s just really intense.. and in a way it hits home pretty closely. 

I noticed I have a couple of followers now. Thank you! …I’m kind of happy that my writing style is legible, hopefully one day I’ll be able to write in a much more entertaining way. The intention of this blog/diary was to write as if nobody would ever see it. Should you choose to read it, by all means. For privacy sake however, I may change the names of people yadda yadda…. 

Anyway, I wanted to write today because I wanted to mention a few I guess… sort of absurd goals of mine for this month… The first being…

  1. No fap. That right. No masturbating. Sex is ok of course. I’ve been reading a lot of /r/nofap lately and I’m kind of curious about it myself. Since everyone has been posting that they’ve seen improvements in their life. Hopefully, mine will improve too… Though I know not in which way. But hopefully!
  2. No processed meats! No burgers, no bacon, no hot dogs (dammit its BBQ season)… no meat that is processed! Apparently sodium nitrate is a carcinogen… and yeah yeah I realized that practically everything under the sun is a carcinogen now, but if it’s preventable, I’m willing. There are tons of good things about this. Less fatty meats, less risk of cancer, less inclination to buy junk foods…. the only downside is my wallet might suffer a little bit.
  3. Hourly comics! I will do them…. tomorrow. Or maybe even starting tonight. It might give me some motivation to fill my life with more productive things that I can draw about. Hopefully it’ll be interesting.

Anyway, I’m off to pick up my roommate from school then to shenanigan downtown. My other roommate and I are planning a short film… hopefully it’ll follow through. I think she got me sick. 😦


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